Effective vibration does not need to shake your foundations

The importance and benefits of effective vibration compaction in precast concrete production are nothing new. However, vibration compaction is one of the simplest things to get wrong. The vibrating table is an essential tool for the precaster, aiding the production of high quality concrete products. The force of vibration needed varies depending on the weight of the product being compacted.

The variable speed vibrating table (pictured below) allows the operator to set the correct speed to give the optimum vibration for each product, whilst  production times are reduced. As an example, a fence post weighs about 50kgs and will need more force than a slab weighing 15kgs. So, if the table is set right for a post mould and you put a slab mould on it, the slab mould will bounce all over the place. By reducing the speed of the vibrator, the operator can get perfect vibration on the slab and ensure all the air is removed quickly and effectively. The mould should sit on the table without bouncing as this will give the best results.

Vib Table1

Armcon pride themselves on their vibration tables and offer a range of sizes and options to suit every application. With 30 years in the industry their knowledge will ensure you can achieve the best results and increase productivity.