Martin Dawes from Stan Dawes Fencing Ltd purchased liners from Armcon over 10 year ago.

Armcon had advised Mr Dawes that their polypropylene moulds would outlast all other known thermoplastics. 10 years on Armcon moulds are still in daily use and are still going strong! Mr Dawes says “I would be happy to recommend Armcon’s polypropylene moulds as excellent value for money to other precast companies”.

So, with so many varieties of mould making material why did Martin and Armcon choose polypropylene?

Because polypropylene is a stable and hard wearing thermoplastic that can
flex over one million times without failing. This gives Armcon’s moulds longevity and our customers value for money, as well as a long working life with- out having to replace

moulds 3 or 4 times when manufactured with other plastics.

Armcon polypropylene moulds are widely used within all modern precasting environments and offer higher definition patterns and more realistic stone re- production. Addition- ally polypropylene is easier to de-mould due

to its flexible nature and will hold its shape longer.

Armcon have a massive range of patterns and designs to choose from, and hold over half a million pounds of stock at any one time ensuring immediate delivery and consistent supply.