4 Bar Post Spacer

Multiple Sizes

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4 Bar Post Spacers – A spacer to space out the rebar in concrete posts
– Strong high grade of injection moulded plastic
– Minimizes breakages and cracking
– Allows optimal spacing in between rebar
– Many Sizes/covers available
– Ensures minimal contact with the post mould

Product Description

Armcon Post spacer a single cover spacer for square fence posts, providing a plastic link for the reinforcing bars. Designed with a small profile for the arms and legs, they provide minimal contact with the post mould. The small arm sections also allow the concrete to flow unobstructed throughout the mould.

Available Sizes Are:

  • 08POS10 – 4 bar 75mm x 75mm – 2000/bag
  • 08POS21 – 4 bar 100mm x 100mm – 1500/bag
  • 08POS30 – 4 bar 125mm x 125mm – 500/bag
  • 08POS40 – 4 bar 150mm x 150mm – 250/bag
  • 08POS50 – 4 bar 100mm x 75mm – 1000/bag
  • 08POS60 – 4 bar 125mm x 100mm – 1000/bag

Other sizes are available – please email for more details.

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