Slab Spacer

Bag of 2500

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Slab Spacer 2500 per bag – A spacer to ensure easy safe stacking of your concrete slabs for safe transport and to protect coloured surfaces.

– Strong high grade of injection moulded plastic
– Minimizes breakages during transport
– Allows optimal spacing in between products
– 6mm x 360mm x 4mm Spacer Size
– Protects coloured surfaces and decorative surfaces

Product Description

Armcon Slab Spacers are designed to separate paving slabs, concrete panel, and other concrete castings, after they have been cast.

The injected plastic spacers thin design provides a small standardized gap between each slab, reducing the chance of staining of the decorative face, and breakages when stacking and whilst in transit.

The spacer has a hook at the top to keep the spacer in place and the kink down the middle to keep the spacer from turning while locked in, the spacer is sure to keep your concrete safe.

Each spacer is 6mm x 360mm x 4mm.

Each Pack Contains:

  • 2500 individual slab spacers each 6mm x 360mm x 4mm

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