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Armblock Surefit Steel Form – Produces a concrete interlocking (10 dimple) block that is 150cm x 60cm x 60cm (5’ x 2’ x 2’)
– Sure fit – Means Definite Interlock
– Never dispose of concrete again
– Retaining walls, aggregate bays, silage pits etc…
– Strong solid structure

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Product Description

Armblock Surefit Steel Mould – Produces a 1.5m x 60cm x 60cm (5ft x 2ft x 2ft) ten dimpled, interlocking block.

Perfect outlet for your left over concrete. Never pay to have your concrete disposed of.

The mould is a 2 part L shaped thick heavy gauge steel mould with 10 interlocking dimples.  The two L shaped steel pieces fit together using a sliding catch pin. The catch pin is easily released using a rubber mallet.

The mould is best placed on a steel or plastic base, release agent applied, concrete poured in, ideally vibrated using a poker then left to cure for 24 hours. Once cured the catch pin is removed and the L shapes moved away and the remaining block turned over using a fork lift or equivalent, then moved using a scissor lift (ideally).

The finished blocks are often used for retaining walls, aggregate bays, silage pits, road blocks and temporary and moveable walling solution.

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Every Armblock Order Contains:

  • 2 x Heavy Gauge Steel L shaped Armblock Piece.

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Weight 100 kg

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