Balustrade Rail Mould


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Bottom Balustrade Rail Mould, the mould is made from a tough polyurethane material which gives perfect definition, surrounded by a wooden box frame without witness lines or nuts or bolts. 60cm long, 25cm wide.

– Smooth Definition
– Crisp Seamless Corners
– Virtually Indestructible Polyurethane Material
– Incredible One Piece Easy Demould
– No Witness Lines – Leak Free
– Demould Instructions Provided
– No Pinning or Hinging
– No Nuts or Bolts

Product Description

Balustrade Bottom Rail mould: 60cm long x 25cm wide x 9cm high, smooth finish mould with quick demould due to the precision engineered polyurethane material.

This mould produces one bottom rail to suit the balustrade system.

The structural timber frame has also been engineered to fit the polyurethane mould exactly. This ensures stability of the mould and again dimensional accuracy. This mould can be demoulded very quickly, meaning a very fast production time, time after time.

Adding this stunning new product to your range could not be easier.

Each Box Contains:

  • 1 x Polyurethane Liner Bottom Rail
  • 1 x Structural Timber Frame

Additional information

Weight 40 kg

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