20 x Lifting Insert

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20 x Armblock Heavy Lifting Insert – Holds the Curved Rebar in place and is the female thread for the Armblock Heavy Lifting Loops.
– 2000Kg Holding Force
– M20 Thread
– Safe Reliable Lifting, Heavy Duty and Durable
– 20 in a pack
– To be Used with the Lifting Loop and Curved Rebar

Product Description

20 x Armblock Lifting Insert – Screws in conjunction with the Bolt into the Armblock mould to hold the Curved Rebar in place and create the female screw for the Heavy Lifting Loop.

Made of Heavy Gauge Steel with an M20 female screw, with a 2000Kg holding force.

The Lifting Insert is screwed into the side of the Armblock using the M20 bolt, (see video). It is screwed in as tight as possible. The curved rebar is then inserted into the lifting insert. Concrete is then poured in covering the rebar and filling the Armblock mould.

Once the concrete is set, the bolt is unscrewed and the mould is demoulded. The female thread of the lifting insert is then exposed, ensuring the lifting loop can be screwed in and the Armblock easily lifted into place.

The Armblock has 3 holes, this is so that you can produce a 4 Impression, 6 impression and 10 impression blocks (as long as you have the Armblock with the divider plate) each with a female thread allowing you to lift your Armblock into place using the lifting loop.

Every Order Contains:

  • 20 x Lifting Inserts.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

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