Stone Block

Interlocking Block Mould

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A highly versatile Stone Block system, suitable for many applications such as ponds, garden beds, tree rings, small retaining walls, anywhere a mortar free walling system is required. Hard wearing polyurethane, easy to Demould and fast to clean.

  • Crisp Rock Face Definition on the exposed side
  • Interlocking back edges
  • Pigmented – looks like real rock
  • Many applications using the one product
  • Easy Demould and fast production with minimal cleaning

Product Description

Stone Block – Interlocking Block Mould

A very easy to produce and highly profitable mortar free walling system.

Made from high grade polyurethane, renowned for its flexible properties which will bend and flex over 1 million times without failing the Stone Block can be demoulded many times by simply placing the filled mould into the timber frame and stepping onto the mould ensuring demould. See the video for a demonstration.

This highly durable flexible mould produces an easy to install, single piece, mortar free walling system component. The integral retaining edge interlocks each staggered course, with the natural stone front surface of the finished wall sloping gently backwards (19mm in 100mm). Ideal for retaining walls, terracing, tree rings and planters.

Stone Block Mould – Produces a 300mm x 100mm x 200mm (12” x 4” x 8″) walling block.

Each box contains:

1 high definition textured polyurethane Stone Block mould


*Please note that in order to demould, a Timber demoulding frame must be purchased. (See below items)


Additional information

Weight 26 kg

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