Stone Block

Timber Demould Frame

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A highly versatile Stone Block system, suitable for many applications such as ponds, garden beds, tree rings, small retaining walls, anywhere a mortar free walling system is required. Hard wearing polyurethane, easy to Demould and fast to clean.

  • Crisp Rock Face Definition on the exposed side
  • Interlocking back edges
  • Pigmented – looks like real rock
  • Many applications using the one product
  • Easy Demould and fast production with minimal cleaning

Product Description

Stone Block – Timber Demould Frame

Made to suit the Stone Block Mould, 1 frame is needed for a set of Stone Moulds, as per the video, the frame is simply a tool to allow the stone block mould to demould easily.

Each box contains:

1 Timber Stone Block demoulding frame.

– This is just the frame to allow demoulding of the Stone Block, to produce the block, a Stone Block Mould is also needed.


Additional information

Weight 26 kg

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